Mid-South Workers' Compensation Association (MSWCA) is a non-profit organization formed in September 1990 for the purpose of creating an organization which would focus on the needs of the professionals who handle workers' compensation claims. Tennessee has three MSWCA chapters, in Memphis, Knoxville, as well as Nashville.

The MSWCA is an educational association. Our goal is to further the knowledge of our members by means of speakers at our meetings as well as by the exchange of information and ideas between our members.


We have the opportunity to listen to a variety of speakers who have different roles in the workers' compensation system. These meetings provide members with opportunities to improve their claims management skills and exchange ideas with others that share their problems and concerns. The ability to network with other professionals involved in the workers' compensation system affords an opportunity for members to identify a wide variety of community resources available to them through the association.

Through the MSWCA certified case managers also have the ability to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) by attending monthly meetings. 

The MSWCA holds an Annual Conference which is rotated yearly among the three chapters.

The members of the Association represents employers, insurance professionals, occupational health nurses, medical providers, safety consultants, rehabilitation consultants, law offices, third party administrators and other organizations with a substantial interest and/or involvement in workers' compensation. 

2014 MSWCA Officers

President- Renee Aguiare

Vice Presidents- Dorothy Holland and Judy Bobbitt

Treasurer- Kay Charles

Secretary- Tonya Lanahan

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